Forget The Penthouse, This Drone Has the Best Views Of NYC

Despite all the hype surrounding drones (rumors that Amazon will be unleashing a drone delivery service among them), “drones are not what they seem to people who haven’t played around with them,” Slavin says. “They’re just remote controlled quadcopters.”

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I really need to get a camera mounted on my quadcopter.




I first heard the album at 13, but 14 months should be fine, right?

Sonja has been listening to “Rent” since she was a baby. The only musical numbers I have kept from her are a few from Book of Mormon. Hasa Deega Eebowai is not preteen material! She does do a lovely fake tap dance to “Turn it Off.” :) I play everything else. I remember hearing her sing in the bathroom and when I listened closely, I heard it was “I Cain’t Say No” from Oklahoma. Oops! Unless the lyrics are extremely explicit, I don’t see the problem. A lot of the songs go over her head. I think the benefits of exposing her to all different types of music outweigh the risks of hearing things that are deemed inappropriate.

I totally agree about the benefits of exposure to different types of music.

Although my husband did ask me the other day why my daughter was singing Gimme Gimme Gimme [a man after midnight]. Whoops!